Bolero By M. Ravel.

Uploaded on May, 24, 2017.

Mr. Miguel Rivera is playing the trombone solo with the Navarro Barcelona City Orchestra (1992). Please, check minute 9:04.

Osteoblast for eight trombones by Derek Bourgeois.

Uploaded on Aug 7, 2011

This performance of Bourgeois work was done for the closing of the Trombone/Tuba Extravaganza at the School of Music of Caguas, March, 2011. This was an event where music programs in Puerto Rico that have low brass teachers participated. This was organized by Professors Miguel Rivera and Hector 'Lutty' Maldonado. Close to 400 trombonists or amateur came to the activities.

Trio Sonata By T. G. Albinoni / Arr. Douglas Yeo.

Uploaded on Aug 9, 2007

This performance of Albinoni work was done by members of the Cuatro Vientos Trombone Quartet (left to right: Luis Fred, Miguel Rivera and Ramón Serra) in May, 2007.


Uploaded on Dec 20, 2009

Music video by Johnny Rivera performing Dicen. © 2007 by Coalition Music LLC. Mr. Miguel Rivera recorded all trombones parts of the song.


Uploaded on June 2, 2018

Mr. Reviera talks about why he is playing bass trumpet in an opera.

Mr. Miguel Rivera Conducting.

Uploaded on March 28, 2015.

Mr. Rivera is conducting the Trombone Choir of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico at the Puerto Rican Brass Fest. 

Mr. Miguel Rivera Performing Afro-Caribbean Music.

Uploaded on October 11, 2015

Mr. Rivera is playing Afro Caribbean music with the Humberto Ramirez Big Band. Please, check minute 3:38 to listen to Mr. Rivera in a solo.

Media that Features Mr. Rivera as a Trombonist

Keith Brown Renaissance Man By Douglas Yeo (International Trombone Association Journal July 2019 / Volume 47, No. 3. (Used under the Fair Use of the Copyright Law).